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BUNDLE-AKTION: Mountain Buggy duet inkl. Sonnen- und Wetterschutz

Artikelnummer: 1136

Super kompakter Side-by-Side Buggy!

937,00 €

Mountain Buggy duet (2017+) buggy  V3 3.0 2019er Modell

Jetzt für kurze Zeit im Mega Bundle inkl. Sonnenschutz (Sun Cover) und Wetterschutz. Der Wert dieses Zubehörs beträgt 138,-- Euro.

Sie brauchen ein anderes Bundle? Fragen Sie uns! Wir stellen Ihr persönliches Wunsch-Bundle zu einem guten Preis zusammen.

duet (2017+)

compact side-by-side

stand out features:

  • at just 63cm duet is the same width as a single buggy, and fits seamlessly through doorways
  • hand operated control brake for slowing down, providing additional confidence and superior handling when pushing the extra weight of two, whilst jogging or going down slopes
  • one hand fast fold, with hidden automatic frame lock and stand fold

The most compact, fully featured, all-terrain side-by-side in the market that is the same width as a single buggy. From newborn to toddler, duet is the ultimate ride for siblings or twins, offering innovation like no other, comfortably taking parents from the mountains to the city streets. 

stand out features:

  • full lie flat recline (for newborn) to upright (for toddlers)
  • One of the largest side-by-side seats in the market with a seat height of 64cm
  • extended parent facing connections with key compatible additional accessories - carrycot plus  and  cocoon
  • 4 x 10" air filled tyres offering extra cushioning when tackling all-terrain or going for a jog
  • lock or swivel front wheels for added maneuverability and control
  • reversible cushioned liners for extra comfort and easy cleaning
  • Easy to use 5-point safety harness with adjustable shoulder straps and crotch strap
  • individual leg rests for your childs comfort
  • adjustable handlebar for a more comfortable push
  • individual mesh SPF 50+ sunhoods with flick out mesh visors and silent peek-a-boo windows
  • Easy to use foot park brake for a complete stop
  • compatible with most leading car seat brands including the Mountain Buggy protect capsule , for a single or double travel system

what's in the box:

  • lightweight aluminium buggy frame
  • 2 x fabric seat sets
  • 2 x cushioned reversible liners
  • gate opening double grab bar for easier access in and out of the seat
  • 2 x sunhoods with silent, magnetic peek-a-boo windows
  • bottle holder
  • 5kg capacity gear tray


  • weight - 14.7kg
  • width - 63cm
  • handlebar height - 76 - 109cm
  • stand fold -  114 x 63 x 32cm 
  • newborn - 4 years
  • maximum load - 18kg (per seat)

Im Bundle enthalten:

  • Original Mountain Buggy Sonnenschutz / DOUBLE Sun Cover (EAN: 9420015761832)
  • Original Mountain Buggy Wetterschutz / DOUBLE Storm & Rain Cover (EAN: 9420015761825)
Mountain Buggy